Holmen Cooperative Creamery

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Organized in 1889, the Holmen Cooperative Creamery purchased land and a creamery building which had been owned and operated by C.A. Sjolander and Henry Starr since 1884.  The purchase price was $1,200. In 1895, the association erected a stone building costing $1,707, with several additions following.  A new site was purchased in 1922 to accommodate a modern structure with new
equipment, the cost totalling $32,000. When whole milk purchases began in 1928, drying of skim milk and buttermilk began also.
 old_creamery.jpg (21252 bytes)
holmen_creamery.jpg (11601 bytes) A 1942 addition provided a boiler room and additional equipment at a cost of $68,000. Distribution of bottled milk began in 1949. A second addition in 1957 provided a new evaporator, drier, warehouse, bagger room, and garage. A merger with the Blair creamery in 1969 resulted in selling the fluid milk distribution business to Land O'Lakes Company, and the butter-making and milk drying operations moving to Blair. The property was sold and presently houses a meat-processing and locker plant.