Native American Archaeological Sites

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Artifacts from agricultural villages of the Oneota culture of prehistoric Native Americans have been found in the
Long Coulee area north of the Village of Holmen and along the bluff base south of the village. Investigations by the State Historical Society during the construction of Highway 53 found extremely rare remnants of seven longhouses, each of which included several burials. The cloverleaf at the intersection of Highways 53 and 35 in Holmen was altered to encircle a burial site without disturbing it. Other sites are located throughout the Holmen area. A group of 15 or more wigwams constituted the first American Indian village on Brice Prairie. Powwows were held on the banks of the Black River, then called Yellow Banks. An Indian camp called White Oak Spring left five Indian mounds that remain today. Buried there are Yank Swan, one of the last chiefs of the Winnebago tribe, and his wife, who died at the age of 108, the oldest person buried there.